Guitar Lessons

The Piano Lab offers private, personalized guitar instruction to serious students of all ages and skill levels.   Our instructors  specialize in teaching younger children up to early teens.   Our teaching philosophy stems from the belief that every student is a creative individual who will benefit most from an individualized lesson plan geared towards satisfying and attaining their own specific needs and goals.

In developing a specific lesson plan for each student many things are taken into account.  The style of music you most like, who your favorite artists are, your age, the amount of time you have, knowledge you have acquired through past studies, skill level etc.  No two lesson plans are exactly alike but some common topics are explored to one degree or another with all students:

  • Scales – A full understanding of all scales and their use in both soloing and composing melodies and riffs.
  • Chords – Learn how to build simple and advanced chords and use them in progressions to build songs.
  • Theory – Master both basic and advanced concepts in music theory, giving you a deeper knowledge of your instrument and the music you play.
  • Harmony/Composing – Learn how your favorite songs are put together and how you too can write and perform your own songs!
  • Ear Training – Improve your ability to learn songs and solos while developing skills to be able to play whatever you hear!
  • Modes – Gain a full understanding of Modes and their usefulness in creating dynamic solos and riffs.
  • Arpeggios – Master the art of arpeggios and bring new depth and creativity to your playing.
  • Improvisation/Soloing – Develop creative soloing skills through knowledge and improvisation.
  • Practicing Skills – Learn how to get successful results from your practice time.
  • Styles for the Guitar – We can focus on all styles of music depending on your desire: Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country, Hip Hop, R&B…both electric, acoustic and classical guitar styles are covered.
  • Repertoire – No doubt everybody’s favorite part of the lessons! Learning how to put it all together and be able to play all those cool tunes you love!


Lessons are scheduled on a weekly basis.  Please contact us if you would like to schedule a lesson, or if you have any questions.