Voice Lessons

The Piano Lab provides voice lessons for singers of all ages. If  you or your child has a passion for singing, we would welcome the opportunity to provide quality lessons.

What you can expect from us

We treat the voice with great care.  It is important to us that singers learn to use their voices in a healthy way that will allow their instruments to develop naturally.  We do this by teaching age-appropriate repertoire and technique.  Our goals are to develop technical knowledge of how the voice works and how to use it; develop musicianship and train students to become confident and expressive performers.  All incoming students will have an initial conference  with our vocal teacher.  This is not an audition but an opportunity for the  teacher to advise the student into the appropriate level of training .

What we expect from you

The Piano Lab is committed to the success of our students and we ask for a commitment from them in return.  Singers are expected to practice a minimum of four days a week.  You are allowed to bring a smart phone or tablet to the lesson to record instructions.

Performance Opportunities

In addition to in-class performances given periodically, the voice students may perform in any of the 3 recitals offered in November and June.   Our students may sometimes be invited to attend outside events, and we will prepare the students for each event as requested.

Voice Lessons

Lessons of 30 or  45 minutes are arranged with an individual teacher.  Designed for the each individual student, private voice lessons are structured to reflect our commitment to developing strong vocal skills.  During each lesson the student will work on exercises to improve technical skills and learn repertoire which is appropriate for that students´ ability.  Repertoire will cover classical as well as popular song literature.  Students in high school may prepare for NYSMMA auditions and B Sharp Auditions and Scholarships.

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