Kindermusik- Lake Wylie, SC

Adagio School of Dance and Performing Arts

                        with Ms. Jeanette Swiderski

                                            4555 Charlotte Hwy, #20
                                 Lake Wylie, South Carolina  29710
                                          Phone: 1-803-656-5694
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What Parents Say…

It’s difficult to find activities to do outside the home when your baby is under age 2. Our music class gives us the opportunity to bond and learn new sensory skills while interacting with other families. We have a wonderful teacher with great energy for helping little minds grow. She is very kind, playful, and knowledgeable.   T. Snow

Something new and different in the LW area that my child can learn from. She’s always “making music” now.  C. McPeek

Thanks, Jeanette. I am so glad Andrew is doing well in Kindermusik.  It´s amazing how musically inclined he is.  He would rather turn off the TV, put on his cd´s and pretend to play along with his glockenspiel and guitar!  After his kindermusik he always comes home energized and ready to show me what he learned that day.  Jeanette, you are a great teacher and we all truly appreciate how much you do and how much of yourself you put into teaching music–the type of teacher Andrew (and all of us!) will always remember.       See you. Emily

Hi Jeanette… I just had to send you a quick note, to let you know how much I am truly enjoying your Kindermusik class with Mackenzie!!!  You most definitely do the right thing…she hasn´t stopped singing the city songs since this new session started!!  I think it is a riot…in the car, in her bedroom, listening to the cd´s instead of watching tv!!!  It is great! And what a little voice…it isn´t like she sings the songs softly either.  We were at the mall yesterday, and she was singing “going up, going down”…but we weren´t on the escalator, we were only walking down the few steps into Kaufmann´s! Ha, ha!!! Just wanted to share that with you!! Thanks for all that you do!!!!!        Lisa

Jeanette, A great big THANK YOU for  encouraging me to sign Sean up for ´Imagine That!´ He still hesitates every  morning when we get there, but it is so nice to hear he is participating as much  as he is. And he does talk about what you did and even sings some of the songs  at home! He has never done that with any of the other Kindermusik classes we´ve  taken.I was still hesitant, because he still doesn´t fully participate in the  singing, fingerplay etc. part of his toddler class that he´s been going to since  September – and I´m not there either! It must be you and your wonderful ways  with the kids. THANKS again!!! I´ll also never be able to thank Pam enough for  telling me about you! See you Tuesday!        Beth

Jeanette, We don´t seem to voice this to you enough, but we often talk among ourselves about  how wonderful a teacher you are! Last Tuesday´s 10:00 class was a perfect  example! It is a big class, full of energetic toddlers and often (too) talkative  adults, but you keep their attention and they LOVE it. I love to watch them  crowd around you when you read the books and stay so intent! You have been a  wonderful part of our children´s childhoods and we thank you so much for  that!!!!! Fondly,        Beth and Sean

Dear Jeanette, We have definitely been impressed with the results of your program from the start. We  noticed an enthusiastic interest in speech and signs as soon as Lucas started  the program last spring. Basically, he loves it! I know that we would be  interested in signing him up for next semester. We look forward to seeing the  new schedule. We´ll be intouch. Keep up the excellent  work!!!! Sincerely,        Bill B.

Dear Jeanette, First let me  mention how much Leah and I enjoy you and the Kindermusik class. Every week we  look forward to Wednesdays at 10:00 for music class. I do recognize that  regardless of how good a program is, the teacher´s personality can greatly  affect the climate, mood and success of the class. You do a wonderful job every  single week. We are fortunate to have you teaching. We thank you!!    Mary and  Leah W.