Recital Information

Recital Information

DATES:  Please see our calendar page for recital dates.

Recitals tend to run about 1 ½ hours or a bit longer.   We know that everyone is busy with sports activities, school events, etc., that occur on the weekends, but we would appreciate your support in teaching the children the importance of recital etiquette:

  1. Be prepared to stay for the entire program.   Children may go back to their parents’ seats after they have finished performing, if they wish.   Please remain quiet during a performance.   If a child is going to sit with their parents after their performance, be sure that they quickly and quietly go to the seats.
  2. Please have your child dress appropriately for a recital.   For girls we recommend longer skirts or dresses, or dress pants.   Flip flops and very high heels are not recommended, especially if they are using the pedals.   A good rule is, practice your pieces in the outfit and shoes you want to wear and have someone observe you.   If it seems questionable, don’t wear it!!    Boys should wear dress pants and a nice shirt, tie is optional.   No jeans and sneakers, if possible.
  3. We do instruct the children to bow after their performance, but some forget or seem embarrassed.   Let them know that this is their way of accepting appreciation of their performance.



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